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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Hair and Makeup Vanity!

I saw this gorgeous dress, in one of the rockabilly market stores down at Ballarat Beat, for a good price, I just had to try this beauty on in my size! This dress is called Vanity by Banned Apparel.  It fits very well on me, has it does have a bit of stretch to it.  This dress is made from 97% cotton and 3% elastane.
You can find this exact dress on Poison Kandy Klothing for $74.80 (Aus) ranging from sizes XS to XL. Poison Kandy Klothing do ship Australian and worldwide.
This dress has many great features, a sweetheart neckline, short-capped sleeves, a side zip, two-front pockets and a box pleated skirt. There is also a cute little peep-hole in the back with a button.
Though my favorite part to this dress has to be the colours of black, red and blue and the bottom border print.  With the ladies getting all dolled up, doing their makeup, hair and getting dressed. I also love the makeup print of the perfume, lipstick, mascara, powder etc.
It's such a very stylish dress!
Accessories Include:
Shoes from Bait Footwear
Red wicker bag from Pinup Girl Clothing
Red-hoop earrings from Revere Folie
"Eve" Brooch from Deer Arrow
The white hair-flowers I'm wearing are from Shazam Pinup Hair Flowers these are the white delphinium clip. I'm actually wearing two in my hair. These small hair-flowers sit on an alligator clip, I do find these clips do pull my a little, whilst trying to place the flower/s where I want them to sit exactly.  These hair-flowers retails for £6 each, plus shipping costs.
In other news where I live in Queensland, we've been getting a lot of rain and there is more to come over the next couple of days!  Around a day ago there was a Tropical Cyclone that stuck up North Queensland, now we experiencing all the rain from this ex-cyclone.
There has been no damage in the town I live in though, as the Cyclone hit towns/Islands that are hours away from where I live.
There was quite a bit of destruction up north with tress knocked over, some houses/businesses and boats damaged with the terrible high-powered winds.  
Also this weekend I hoped to take photos for my blog with a vintage car, but I may have to put that on hold, if it's going to be really wet this weekend!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Tropical Jungle!

I recently purchased this cute tropical 1940's inspired play-suit from an Australian dressmaker and etsy business called Jack's Daughter
The lovely owner and dressmaker Jenni of Jack's Daughter specializes in "one off" vintage inspired creations. Either reproduced from original vintage patterns or she can even draft patterns from vintage garments and from Haslam pattern books to your specific measurements. 
Some of her garments she currently has for sale on her etsy page include play-suits, overalls, skirts, blouses, tops and 1940's/50's vintage inspired dresses.
Even feel free to message Jenni if your after a "one of" vintage inspired outfit for yourself!
This 1940's vintage inspired play-suit is called "Chrissy."  I love the tropical/parrots pattern so much and the material is made of a soft rayon.
The blouse is attached to the back of the shorts only. The blouse then tucks into the front and joins with buttons on the waistband.  There is also white retro style buttons down the front of the blouse and down one side of the shorts to get in and out of this play-suit.
The shorts have a lot of leg room and are pleated at both the front and back.  I found this cute outfit quite comfortable and cool to wear whilst taking these photos on a hot humid day.
Accessories Include:
Wedges from Payless Australia
Pink purse from Lola Von Rose
Hibiscus hair-flower from Soda Sweethearts
Green clip-on earrings from Daisy Jean Floral
Palm brooch from Kmart Australia
Bangles from various boutiques
This week's blog photos were taken at Maroochy Botanical gardens, located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I knew I wanted a tropical/rain-forest type background for these photos, to showcase this gorgeous play-suit and this location was a perfect spot to do so.
In other news I've just been working, taking photos for my blog on the weekends, and doing general things at home.
Nearly two weeks ago I went to a rockabilly festival in Brisbane, Queensland called Redlands Revival.  It was a lovely day, but a very hot day and did end up getting a little burnt around my shoulders.  I ended up purchasing myself a beautiful dress, I hope to share with you all in the near future.

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Tea Dress - Part Two!

Here is part two of the six 1940's Tea day dresses I was sent by Vivien of Holloway to feature and review on my blog. (I was able to keep one and post the others back).
Here is the link to part one if you have not had the opportunity to read it yet Tea Dress - Part One
The fourth 1940's style tea day dress is the Mushroom Red, I actually decided to purchase this one from Vivien of Holloway, because it was very hard to decide just on one to keep!
I love this one because red is one of my favorite colours to wear and the yellow and blue mushroom novelty print is so cute!
I really enjoyed deciding on how I was going to accessorize and style each of the six dresses, with my own shoes, handbags, jewelry and hair accessories!
I was also happy that I had a retro style belt that would go well with each dress.
Accessories Include:
Red flats from Bait Footwear
Handbag from Vendula London 
Red hair-scarf from Daisy Jean Floral  
Earrings and bangles from various boutiques
 The fifth 1940's style tea dress is the Rose Grey, this one has pretty little flowers on a blue/grey  background.  I do really love this beautiful print and the pink buttons down the front.
I found all six dresses very comfortable to wear and also felt like I was actually wearing true vintage dresses from the 1940's, instead of vintage reproduction/inspired outfit. 
My favorite features for all dresses is the length of the skirt (31 inches), the pockets, the light cotton material and the shirt style with the retro look buttons down the front.
Accessories Include:
Peep-toe flats by Bettie Paige Clothing (Ordered through a facebook buy/sell/swap group)
Pink basket by SunJellies
Hair-net and earrings from Daisy Jean Floral 
Bangles from various boutiques
The sixth and final 1940's style tea dress is the Letters Brown. This novelty print dress has little green, blue and white envelopes on a brown background. I wanted to bring out the brown more by wearing my brown heels, bangle and belt.
This dress was another very close favorite to choose to keep!
Accessories Include: 
Brown heels were thrifted
Vintage wicker basket is from Word from the Bird
Green earrings from Daisy Jean Floral
Bangle was thrifted
Cat-eye glasses from an ebay seller
Thanks again to my good friend Michelle aka Vera Vamp for taking these photos for my blog.  The photos on this week's blog post were taken around some heritage style buildings and in Queens park in Maryborough, Queensland. 
I would also like to thank Betty for allowing me to borrow her retro style bike. 

What has been your favourite 1940's style tea dress from Vivien of Holloway, that I've shared and featured on my blog? If you have one that is!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

Note: All words & opinions in this blog post are written entirely on my own.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tea Dress - Part One!

I was recently asked by the press department at Vivien of Holloway if I wanted to collaborate and feature six 1940's style Tea dress on my blog to take photos of and review!  Of course I said yes!
I was able to keep one, and to send all the other dresses back to Vivien of Holloway.
I found it very hard to choose only one, I also purchase another one from Vivien of Holloway
The first 1940's style Tea dress is the stamp caramel.  I love the novelty stamp print, the colours and the white buttons down the front.  As well as the buttons down the front, there is also a little eye and hook clip inside in all six dresses to assist with keeping the buttons in place and for added support.
All dresses have shoulder pads and pockets.  Note: I've wore my own retro style belts to nip in the waist and give more shape and structure to all these gorgeous dresses.
Accessories Include:
Shoes from Bait Footwear 
Red wicker bag from Pinup Girl Clothing 
Hair-flower from Daisy Jean Floral 
Bangle is thrifted
 The second 1940's Tea dress is called Pocket Watch (I decided to keep this one) the novelty print of pocket watches is so unique and I love the simplicity of the blue and white together.
It also has white vintage style buttons down the front.  All dresses have an A-line skirt that is 31 inches in length.
Accessories Include:
White Sandals from Bait Footwear
Hair-flower from Daisy Jean Floral
Earrings from Blue Belle Pinup Store
All six dresses are currently available to purchase for £79/$127 (Aus) and comes in sizes small to extra large.  Just follow the size guide on Vivien of Holloway's website to get the right size for you. I ordered size Large for each dress and they all fit perfectly.
The third 1940's style Tea Dress is called Floral Green. I adore the pretty floral print on the green background. Once again this dress came with white buttons and also there is white detailing on the pockets, sleeves and on each side near up near the shoulders.
All six dresses are made from 100% cotton, so are quite cool to wear in the hotter summer months.
Accessories Include:
Seafoam Robbie heels from Bait Footwear
Bangles are thrifted
Pink purse is from Lola Von Rose
Hair-flower by Georgie Girl by Sandra
Earrings from Reverefolie 

All these photos were taken by my good friend Michelle aka Vera Vamp. The first dress was photograph at an heritage listed post office in Maryborough, Queensland.  The second and third dress were photographed  at Hervey Bay, Queensland at a open-air museum called Hervey Bay Historical Museum
The museum has many exhibits including an old style grocery store, an early settler cottage, an early 19th century home, train station, an old school, church and many more.

Next week I'll post Part Two up on my blog with the final three 1940's style Tea dresses to share with you all!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo

Note: All words & opinions in this blog post are written entirely on my own.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

In The Kitchen!

I saw this gorgeous dress come up "on sale" a couple of weeks just before Christmas, I decided I had to purchase it.  It was through A Classic Paradise also known as Tiki Swag and Shop VDM.
Because of the red, green and white colours, I actually wore this dress on Christmas eve.  As well as this dress being "on sale" for a great price, I also received free shipping to Australia - which was wonderful!
This dress is actually by Bernie Dexter and is called Kelly dress in kitchen print. I love the colours and print over this dress, with the retro kitchen appliances, utensils and crockery.
It's a shirt style dress with a gathered circle skirt, I wore one of my petticoats underneath to give it more shape and fullness. It's made from 100% cotton (has hardly no stretch), has hidden lipstick pockets and comes with a matching red belt.
The most favorite part of this dress for me personally is the zipper down the front - instead of buttons, it is such a great idea! I found this dress so easy and quick to put on (I didn't have to worry about doing up buttons) and very comfortable to wear.
Accessories Include:

Shoes from Bait Footwear
Wicker Handbag is from Pinup Girl Clothing
Double rose hair-flower from Daisy Jean Floral
Brooch is thrifted
Bangles from various boutiques
White hoop earrings from Revere Folie
This week's blog photos were taken in the kitchen at home.  I knew I wanted to take photos wearing this dress to share on my blog in a kitchen! There are actually some retro/vintage inspired appliances in the kitchen for example the oven and microwave. So I believe it made for a great backdrop for photos.
In other news my friend Michelle aka Vera Vamp and I had a busy weekend.  I asked Michelle if she could please help me take photos for my blog, as I had 6 dresses to take photos of! I'll actually start sharing these dresses on my blog next please keep your eyes peeled for that!
This weekend I have the rest of the family staying at our place, so it should be a hectic but good weekend!

Until next time!
Miss Milla Cherry xo